Visual Glitch on M13/40 III & M14/41

There’s a visual glitch with the twin Bow Machine guns on the Italian M13/40 III and the M14/41. On random occasions the guns would have Red Dots where the end of the barrel would be in the hanger. Then during a match, the full machine gun model would be visible through the hull of the tank, appearing as dark silhouettes. This didnt happen every match nor could i find the trigger to make it happen. It seemed to happen randomly. This glitch happened before the Sons of Atilla update so not sure if its been fixed or not yet.
Below are two attached images. Wt Glitch 1 is a screenshot of the guns with the red dots on the barrel ends. Wt Glitch 2 is a screenshot in game of the guns appearing visible through the tank.

I play on an Xbox One.

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Sometimes I can see the red dots on the barrel too (I play on pc).

They are just happy to see you.
Happened in the previous update on PC too. Sometimes they are red, sometimes they are a weird chrome, sometimes the MGs show thru the skin.
I’m sure it’s been reported, but is buried in the thousands of other bugs in progress.
No one plays Italy anyway. ;)

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