Visual bugs of Israeli vehicles - discussion

Here are some mistakes which are very easy to fix,
tell me what you think

It says “ע) 345950)” here, this is a mistake, the letter should be ‘צ It is an abbreviation for צה"ל\IDF, on every military vehicle in the IDF there is written a number and the letter צ’

(It’s a very good model overall)


like here

Here on the wing it should say “do not step on” לא לדרוך but it is written with a spelling error “לא (ת)דרוך”

Just like here “לא לדרוך”

Feels like they only noticed it on the premium ones.

In addition, I am quite sure that the IDF never used French machine guns.

Here you can see the A-A-F1N 7.62 on the israeli AML 90.
the IDF never used them

(You can correct me with a picture of this machine gun in IDF use)

In this picture you can see the m1919a4 Browning 7.62 as a Co axial machine gun on the Israeli AML 90
It’s an old picture, and it’s the best I’ve found, but it’s historical fact. There is not too much to detail here
some have this tank in the back For more details

And here you can see an israeli amx13 with a MAC 31 7.5mm machine gun
I have not heard of this caliber in Israel.
correct me in the comments if I’m wrong


you can see the 'צ

I couldn’t find a good picture of his Co axial, but you can clearly see his commander machine gun
And in none of the pictures does he have a MAC 31


+1, those are little things, but perfectionist self can´t avoid seeing them constantly

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Hello, please report such errors through proper platform: Community Bug Reporting System, this thread will open for further discuss, but please don’t take it as a serious bug report, forum is not a place to report such problems, this is a discussion section.