Visibility under smoke

So, Arcade GB

I launched the smoke granades from my Leopard A1 A1 multiple times in diferent directions to cover a bigger area.
After that, the enemy tank is not visible anymore.
I thought he wasn’t able to see me as well, and I moved from my previous position. He is still not visible.

He shoots me again, through the smoke. Multiple times. I die.

I went to see the replay. On the replay, his tag and my tag are visible the entire time. He is not “trying to shoot me”. When I move, behind the smoke, he sees, adjust the aim and shoot multiple times at me.

He IS seeying me. The enemy tank is an AMX.

So, what is this with the smoke, that I can’t see him, but he can see me clearly?

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P.S. I don’t show up after moving, he sees me moving.

One of the popular built in exploits in this game is Ultra Low video settings, makes smoke screens useless.

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Bruh arcade has a spotting system, smoke doesn´t do anything, you know that right?