"Vika" self-propelled gun

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Hello ! Today I’d like to suggest the addition of a rather obscure vehicle. In fact, there is next to no literature mentioning it.
Since it has no known definitive name, I’ll refer to it by the name of its R&D project, “Vika”.

One of the few photos of the “Vika



During the 1980s, Soviet engineers worked on a way to give the airborne troops more firepower while keeping a lightweight vehicle. This led to many experimental works, some of the most famous ones being “Sprut” and “Obzhimka”. The latter used a peculiar chassis, one of a vehicle that was developed more than a decade ago : the 934, also known as “Sudya”. This chassis was light enough and provided more substantial protection than older hulls.

The 934 was one of the most advanced amphibious tanks built by the USSR yet it met a tragic fate

In their quest for more firepower, Soviet engineers started working on adapating 152 mm guns to the platform. While the 934 chassis was nothing but a testbed, it was a great hull to see how such a light tank would cope with bigger guns.
Engineers would adapt the gun used on the “Akatsiya” to make it fit the smaller turret. A new and more noticeable muzzle brake would be installed.

Vika” during firing tests

While trials were successful, “Vika” went nowhere but showed that light chassis could cope well with those large guns. It directly led to the creation of a famous testbed using a 152 mm gun on a “Planyor” chassis.

Vika” led to the creation of an even more powerful vehicle, armed with a 152 mm gun

A more modern slide about the vehicle


Crew : 4

  • Driver
  • Gunner
  • Commander
  • Loader


  • One 152 mm gun 2A33 (Ammo : 25)
    Sights : 1G44, TPN-3 (gunner), Agat-TP (commander)
    Elevation : -2~3 / +20 (estimated)
    Rate of fire : 4 to 6 rounds per minute


  • Weight : ~ 18 t to 21 t (fully loaded)
  • Length : 9,43 m (gun included)
  • Width : 3,15 m
  • Height : 2,25 m


  • Engine : 2V-06 (400 hp)
  • Top speed : 70 kph (10 in water) / -20 kph
  • Transmission : 4 forward / 2 reverse


The tank was required to withstand the following threats, as shown on this small drawing I made. It is made in accordance with the Soviet rules of calculating a protection arc, off the hull and a bit behind the turret. The armor is made of ABT-101 alloy.



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Looks like a 152mm-armed Obj. 906! I love the idea! +1


It’s a 2A36

But with the Object 934 hull.

Are you sure it’s not a 2A33? The 2A36 has a barrel nearly twice as long.

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no not more unbalanced russian tanks for high-toptier please

It’s literally just a self-propelled howitzer. Would basically be the 2S3M except amphibious.

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Seems fun.

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