Vietnamese Decals

The North Vietnamese used the red circle with yellow star decal on their vehicles during the Vietnam Conflict.
From the images below, you can see there is a roundel for the tanks and one for the airforce as well. These would be awesome to have for China/ USSR tech tree access in game, as the Vietnamese used their vehicles.


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Thank God someone else is saying it. How can they have Vietnamese vehicles in-game and no roundel?

I’d like to see more, we have a Vietnamese skin for the MiG-21F-13 already.

So frustrating that we don’t have it, despite there being
A)Vehicles that the Vietnamese used in the Vietnam war
B)A Vietnamese vehicle (Phong Kong)
C)A Vietnam map
D)A South Vietnamese boat with a unique South Vietnamese flag
Yet no roundels for either North or South Vietnam???
Gaijin why the hell not?