Vietnam T-54M (T-54B cải tiến)

T-54M (Vietnamese name: “T-54B cải tiến” translate to English: “T-54B improved”).

Vietnamese T-54B and Type 59 modernization program developed in the Z153 factory based on the experienced from the “T-55M3” program designed by Israel for the Vietnamese People’s Army.

The armour protection of the tank was improved considerably by attaching Vietnamese second-generation ERA blocks to the upper front hull and the turret. The tank received Spain-produced Indra TIFCS-3BU fire control system.

The original 100 mm tank gun D-10T2S received thermal sleeve, a “DShK” or “NSVT” 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, a “PKT” 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, laser rangefinder system which works in conjunction with a thermal imaging camera for increased accuracy and operated in the dark.

A computer system is also installed, allowing the vehicle to have stability control, calculate the tilt, the speed of the vehicle. In the driver’s position installed with a hydraulic power steering system allowing the steering column, brakes and clutch become much easier.

In terms of communication, the tank is equipped with a Russian-produced RF2050 multi-band system and/or the indigenously produced systems made by Viettel.