Vietnam line in USSR tech tree

Can we’ll have more tank in USSR tech tree like what i just said pls Vietnamese tank

USSR doesn’t need a sub-tree.

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Vietnam could have a place in the Chinese tech tree though


I think Vietnam doesn’t have enough unique stuff to even warrant a sub-tree.
They’d probably be best served by having their few unique stuff handed out to whatever current tree is most sensible on a per vehicle basis.

You’re probably right, it would just be a lot of copy paste soviet stuff.

Things such as the Phong Kong are really cool and definitely have a place in the game, same goes for things such as their upgraded T-55s that I forgot the designation of.
The wat Phong Kong was added I think is a good example of how further Vietnamese vehicles could be implemented.

Honestly doesn’t going by how South-Korea and Japan apperantly are not up for discussion.

Then again the China tech tree does contain openly hostile nations next to each other, so adding another one would be on theme

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The main difference is that the Koreas are both internationally recognized as sovereign nations, whereas the ROC isn’t officially a country.
Practically speaking matters are a whole different story of course, but it is a distinction to keep in mind.

I mean one can close ones eyes and believe a lot of things.

I am all for pairing whatever countries together to make a conpelling tree. But trying to look at statements made in regards to denying some nation pairings while seeing what they have done in game makes suggesting realistically doable pairings for the game harder than it should be.

Anyways, Norway and Japan have entered a strategic partnership and this why Norway should be a subtree of Japan



You could definitely make the argument that if both “Chinas” are in the Chinese tree then both Koreas can be in a Korean tree, I’d prefer that personally over SK being in the Japanese tree and Nk presumably being in the Chinese or Soviet tree.

Japan is no longer really in need of an air sub tree but if it were to get one my preference would be Thailand

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Unfortunately I believe Gaijin have already confirmed a greater Scandinavian tree under the Swedish flag so no luck there :(

I know, but im just saying this to make people less alienated by such pairings. I wish the only requirement for nation pairings was that it shouldn’t cause DDoS to Gaijin. Then again they haven’t followed that rule, so i dont really expect it to happen.

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I think North Korea isn’t an ideal solution for a Chinese sub-tree and I’m of the opinion that Pakistan would be a better pick for this.

United Korea is definitely a valid option, though the arguments for why they’d be sub-trees are relatively sound too.

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Agreed, part of the reason for wanting a united Korea tree is that NK likely wont make it otherwise

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Tbf, having sub-tree additions make a relatively amount of sense is much nicer than doing anything that doesn’t get the company in direct trouble.

God no, are you serious? What makes you think the Vietnamese like the Russians lmao, also, as if russia needs Vietnam

no no no Never


Vietnam needs decals and skin only.

Vietnam could be added, just not to the Chinese are Russian tree. Its hilarious to ask for either. The soviets screwed the Vietnamese on weapons sales and just used them as a proxy for a few years, and the Chinese are not their friends. Doesnt even make sense

there are already Vietnamese vehicles in china (phong khong)