[Video] Pershing Tanks: Slow & Powerful

Tanks of the Pershing series were accepted into the US service near the end of WW2: they were positioned as a new generation of vehicles based on a promising platform, and a counter to German Panthers. In War Thunder, Pershing tanks are found at the mid ranks of the American and Italian tech trees, and are usually played as highly versatile all-rounders.

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Ah, my favorite tank.

Gotta say a few things about the video though.

  • The T25 does not have a reverse gear box, instead it has an electrical transmission.
  • The T26E1-1 is not a modified version of the production M26. As the name implies, it is a T26E1, while the production version is the T26E3, later standardized to M26.
  • Likewise, the M26E1 is not a prototype T26, it is a prototype for the already standardized M26. I’m surprised that there’s no mention of the coaxial .50 cal instead of the .30 cal, and no mention of the faster reload when compared to the Super Pershing.
  • The 90 mm M3A1 on the M26A1 isn’t really an improvement in actual power in real life. The only differences it has over the normal 90 mm M3 are the existence of the bore evacuator and the single baffle muzzle brake. Both cannons in real life have identical performance and can fire the exact same projectiles.

Other than that, happy to see my favorite tank being covered.