Video Evidence of Russian Bias. Experiment video for my other post. Please watch

NATO tanks at the moment are far superior to russians.
Germany and Sweden on their leos have better mobility, better gun handling, better gun depression, better ammo, better armor, better survibility.
VT1 is equal or superior to the pantsir missile except in range, which doesn’t even matter except for dumb helis.
VIKHR are nice, but you need to hit the roof of a tank, otherwise you wont get a kill. Against spike helis you can just pray he wont shoot one at you because you will die, even if you kill him.

I am not saying russia is bad, but the bias crying is getting really old.

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next Russian main, who want to explain us the game.
Yes u also play GB, its though.
And Yes the best tank is the 122B+ and 2nd is the leo 2 A7, 3rd and 4th is BVM and T90 but overall, Russia is superrior.

But CAS wins the game, there is no nation who can front russia in CAS.

best survibility has the T90 and BVM, you are joking.
U cant play CAS if russia is not on your side.

You are kidding me.
You never played Spike missles, they are not working correctly. They got a buff now, but only 20% of your missles are connecting. And they are not deadly. The Vikhr is much better, they are faster, more range, they have approxy and u have more missles.
And yes, i use the Spike with only a 10% killrate, because u have no other joice against Pantsir, SU27, MIG29 and “fantasy” YAK141 with there R27ER’s.
The VT1 is never a better missle then the pantsir, if you spawn and 5 sec later u got a pantsir ´missle in your face u know what i mean. and the next topic is: How the Flarakrad can be on the same BR as the S1? he has only 2 missles, and no gun. ITO is a bit better, but the pantsir is 50% better.
You never played a VT1 so u cant know it.

Even though I don’t play top tier, I have a feeling this isn’t entirely true because they have 3 crew, fuel tanks which explode often, and ammo to hit. All the T-64s and T-72s I face are really easy to kill.

Unless you aren’t playing top tier. USA has the best and most oppressive CAS at all BRs below 8.0.

1- Not a thing. Their SPAA is equivalent to ITO-90M and TOR-M1.
2- Similar to the Roland’s 8km range at 10.0 and 10.3.
3- Nope, best ground SPAA at 10.0 goes to Lvkv 9040C and LAV-AD.
4- No…
5- VBCI for France.
6- On an extremely hard to use platform.
7- Exists on other tanks in other tech trees.
8- That’s a meme vehicle.
9- This exists elsewhere.
10- The best IR missile is AAM-3, with AIM-9M in 2nd, and Magic 2 in third. Not Russian. F-15 is the most powerful aircraft in the game for its BR. Gripen and Mirage 4000 are the best 12.7s in War Thunder.
11- Radar missiles are only meta in arcade battles.
12- On a trash platform easily killed.
13- PGM-1000 is not Russian.
14- 9Ls are still meta missiles despite not having IRCCM.
15- Not gonna do anything against players.
16- Mokopa is a South African missile, not a Russian one.

ERA does that IRL.
Ammo racks explode all the time for everyone since the bug was fixed. And ALL tanks are like that.
All fuel tanks on all tanks are like that.
It has 2 under-BR’d vehicles. USA has 2 as well: 120S and M60 AMBT.
Modern =/= good, and that’s wrong since Leopard 2PL is the most modern service tank.
Literally landed without both F-15 wings on dev server. Sabers land all the time without wings.
Literally brought AH-1Z home that was heavily damaged yesterday.

None of the things you list are evidence of bias.

Oooo, I get to compare your performance and prove your own claims further wrong.
T-80BVM KDR: 1.06. Merkava Mk4B: 0.965. Leclerc SXXI: 1.117. Leopard 2A6: 0.82. Strv 122A [more armored than T-90M]: 0.855.
Your performance among these MBTs are similar enough for all that disparity to be margin of error based on your mood/slight changes in playstyle from tank to tank.

Okay, aircraft.
F-14A: 1.65. F-16ADF: 1.47. Gripen British: 2. Mig-29 9.13: 1.25. Mirage 2000C-S5 the OP boy: 1.5.
I’d say that’s margin of error except for Gripen where that was clearly more powerful than the rest.

Let’s do the auto-lights: Strf 9040C: 0.68. 2S38: 0.636. Begleit: 0.535 [you should play that again learning what you learned from 2S38 and Strf 9040C]. You don’t have HSTVL sadly. So outside Begleit being lower, your performance in auto-lights indicates no major disparity between the vehicles.

So your stats show no indication of Russian bias either.

Best CAS in War Thunder is all NATO: F-16, F-14, Tornadoes, Mirage 2000s, Gripens, etc. Soviets have NOTHING that come close to that power. Literally cannot die in the air except by other fighter aircraft.

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Look at this guy still at it, working undercover or just plain loves to be on the knees for you know who. How many times did you change your username? Can we know that at least? Like being edgy and smarty online huh, feelings hurt, feeling superior?

Well lads, whoever is reading this, just ignore this guy he is just one of the forum spinners and things like that. It goes well only for Gajin when this type of character writes here.

He is quicker to denounce everything anti-Russian here faster than the speed of light and just stares at the computer all day to check if somebody has anything to say about Russian Bias, so either they pay him well to do this here or just has no life. Even more no life than we typical War Thunder players like me so watch out about this grasshopper.


What are you talking about? I’ve changed my username exactly once.
Not sure what you have against NATO to attack my criticism of Russian equipment.
Do you think I work for NATO? Do you think NATO is Russia?

What do you have against my criticism of Russian equipment?
What do you have against NATO and its fans?
What makes being a NATO fan that criticizes Russian equipment edgy to you?

I’m not on the forums anywhere nearly as much as you think I am.

Im talking spike against heli, not tanks or idk why you would even bother shoot at a plane.

Again, range on pantsirs missile doesn’t matter (anymore) it also got nerfed back in the days and there is no way you hit anything but a straight flying target on that range.
VT1 is overall better then the pantsir missile. Gun on pantsir is nice to have, but not really needed for spaa in top tier. You very rarely kill planes with it because most are not dumb enough to fly straight at you at medium altitude. Against tanks it’s a pain to use due 0 gun depression and the whole truck nearly flipping over when shooting.

I sometimes even take out the tunguska over the pantsir since it’s more fun to play, not a freaking boat on wheels and you can use the gun.

As you said, i have nearly everything researched in GB tree, so don’t come with russian main.
All leopards with spall liners are a pain to fight against at the moment and all far more survivable then russian counterparts. The amount of damage the 2A7 specificly can take is ridiculous. Tell in what aspect russian tanks are superior ?

USA has better CAS. Even GB has better CAS with the gripen and GR7 and AHMK1.
I disagree in general with CAS wins the game, points are captured on the ground and good spaa players can pretty easy make no fly zones or at least no attack zones, but 95% of them just tend to stay in the spawn and wait to be killed.

Yes you can.

Who talk about using a spike agains

You are a real premium troll.
The planes kill the heli and on some
maps the pantsir can shoot directly on the helispawn.

it does matter, because on some maps the pantsir shoots directly in the planespawn.

Why ?

Thats not exclusive to pantsir. The first heli spawn point is well in range for any AA in top tier.

Again, not exclusive to pantsir, every AA can reach the first heli spawn. It’s just bad map design.
Or you can be safe and spawn in the back spawn, which i do as well some times. For example when i spawn south on ardennes, which is common for russia, you get fired at immediately when you spawn in the front heli pad due it beeing on a plateau.