Video driver hung resolved

Long story short: It’s caused by GPU sag, propped the GPU up with a piece of chopstick resolved the issue.

  • GPU: 1080ti bought in 2017.
  • Description of the issue: I started to have random “video driver hung and restart” happening in WT last week. The issue started occurring when I had no software or hardware altercation to my setup. It only happens with playing demanding games or benchmarks, and no issue at all with less demanding games. resetting the game file and reinstalling the driver using DDU multiple times with no success. As the issue only occurs when the system is under load and all hardware is working fine (tested by a local repair shop), I suspect the heat caused the GPU to sag and lose connection with the Pcie port. Tested my suspicion and turns out to be correct.
  • Solution: get a piece of chopstick, cut it to the required length, and prop it under a non-metal part so won’t catch on fire. Or you can buy a dedicated stand for your GPU.

See if your issue is similar to mine. If it does, I hope this helps