Video driver hung and was restarted

Hi i have a big proble after last update la royale im using nvidia filters and before i dont have any problems but after update there is a lot of issues i hope someone will help me cuz i have no idea what to do with this problem cant fix it. Simply i play game everything is great good fps no drops fine game play game looks noooice and than i alttab or just go in to hangar from game i finished and game tell me this video driver hung and was restarted to med settings. Im using ultra settings alll full maxt out my spec are ryzen 3900x nvidia 3070 32gb 3666Mhz and game and system runs on 2TB of SSD also rams are dual channel my grafic driver is lastest 536.23 also all driver are updated windows update is also lastest game is updated as well and yett i start noticed this strange problem never ever happend to me before while i play in gaming laptop now i build my pc never happand to me untill last update la roylale. if someone knows how to fix it i will be really thankfullllllllllllllllll and yeah i uninstal game 3 times and three time re instal no help. so this cant be my hardware cuz im using filters in other games as well not a single other game doing this. Yeah im not using DLSS cuz its make from good looking game mess i with this option would be fixed as well someday cuz dlss should work but in warthunder it dont work. THX for all replies and have a nice day. I drop itthis in general cuz in technical support i got response somaybe other players gonna help me with this one.

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Its been a month and I still have this exact same issue as well as some other issues that have been pressing me for a long time like the game taking forever to close when played for a long time.

What graphica card do you have?

Also, if you watched videos that day online that memory is still in the chip and will some times cause a hang.

It depends upon how much multi tasking you are doing.

Thia happens when i use fullscreen with a 3060ti if i put it to windows borderless it works completely fine

Yeah, if you use full screen and hide the game while it running in the background to do other things like web browsing and if you do it too often or leave the game for too long, when you get back to the game, this will cause the problem and the graphics will be lowered.
To avoid it, is simply by changing from full screen to either full screen window or just window.

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Alt tab works