"Video driver hung and was restarted" every time after logging in

Since the Sons of Attila update I keep getting this message every time I log in and sometimes it even restarts my entire PC, my drivers are up to date. Anyone else with this issue?

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there are certainly other players with the same issue (as there ALWAYS are ^^) - not me though and considering there are only a few (kinda) similar reports i would say it’s safe to assume that the (vast) majority of players do not have this problem…

some things you could try / have a look into:

  • try an older videocard driver to see if the issue persists
  • make sure nothing is overclocked on your system
  • disable unnecessary background tools / apps / services
  • disable any mods in WT (if you got any)

I tried all of these and no dice, rolled back my drivers, even tried 2 different graphics cards and still getting the driver hang error. Might just take a break until the next major update and see if it gets fixed.

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I have this problem when there is a whole bunch of smoke, it lowers my textures, and when i tried playing on ulq, it just straight up crashed my game, i run a decent setup, rtx 4070, 64 gigs of ram and a 13th gen i7. All my stuff is up to date. other games crash too sometimes, but its only after playing warthunder. its something to do with DirectX crashing.