"Video driver hung and was restarted" after latest Nvidia driver update

Yesterday when I was going to start the game and got past the login screen, the game went black. Then to desktop and then back into the game where I was greeted with “Video driver hung and was restarted. Texture quality was reduced”(But the textures looked the same?)… I checked event viewer and I saw “Event ID 0 from source nvlddmkm” and then LiveKernelEvent 141.

I restarted my PC and tried opening WT again, same thing… I played the game just fine the other day when I had updated the drivers, without any of these errors. If I restart the game right after I don’t see the errors, but it comes back when I reboot.

Has anyone else who updated their Nvidia drivers to 546.17 seen this as well?


Yes. Got a bit more stuttering it apears

probably best to just roll back drivers until issue is fixed…

I’ve had the exact same issue. Only since the the last major update I’ve had the problem, at first I didn’t think much of it but slowly It started to cause concern.
All temps are fine but it did cause a critical error. I’ve looked it up and people are saying its to do with full screen and windowed full screen helps when tabbing out.

Only problem is though I’ve had the issue randomly happen on the game starting and sometimes not at all. I have friends also with the same issue and some people in a war thunder discord complaining of the same thing. You are not alone and its for sure not your pc since its started to happen with the update.


I’ve used DDU now and it didn’t fix it… Restarting the game doesn’t help anymore either, same thing every launch.

Is this a War Thunder or Nvidia bug?

Has anyone crashed since the last game update?

Samething here with 546.17. roll back driver same problem. Replace power supply, same problem.

I’m going to have to tru install driver for third time

Same here.

I deleted all local files of War Thunder and uses DDU for a fresh install of the Nvidia driver.
After a few games playing i get this nice blue screen again.

All the 546’s are buggy. Even the 546.33

I replaced the power supply and then the graphics card. Still same problem.

Back up to 537.58

Now you are in Heaven

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Just happened to me again after several weeks of it not crashing on start… This is a very strange bug.

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