[Video] Advancing Titans: Super-Heavy Tanks of 20th Century

In the first half of the 20th century, there wasn’t a single dominant tank layout that everybody used, like it happens nowadays with modern MBTs. It was a Wild West of experimentation and trial and error, with engineers coming up with all sorts of interesting and sometimes seemingly impractical ideas to adapt armored vehicles to different battlefield conditions. One of those ideas was to create a “landship”, a super-heavy combat vehicle capable of breaking through heavily fortified areas like the Maginot Line or the Siegfried Line.

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Now if only this game had more than like two or three super-heavies (Maus, t95, tortoise, 2c?).

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Not only are they few, but they get very unfavourable matchmaking.


Yea the only one that works at its own BR is the 2c.

Depends on what you count as superheavy, it is always relative to other tanks around.

You could include IS-4, KV-1E, T28 and is a lot more of them if you count limited availability ones.