Victory Day in War Thunder!

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Tens of millions of people from multiple nations around the globe fought, demonstrated acts of bravery and sacrificed themselves for years to ensure that the war would come to an end. Their efforts and heroism were not in vain. It’s Victory Day, which means we’re celebrating its anniversary with several activities for you to participate in!

When: From May 8th until May 13th (11:00 GMT) play War Thunder and get rewards!

"Victorious countries” decal

Task: Play 3 battles with an activity of 70% or higher.

"Tommy Gun” decoration

Task: Get a total of 20,000 mission points with vehicles of rank III or higher in Ground Battles.

"Victory Banner” naval flag

Task: Get a total of 10,000 mission points with vehicles of rank III or higher in Naval Battles.

You can track the progress you’ve made for each task by going to your Nickname > Achievements > Victory Day.

We’ve prepared trophies with rewards from previous Victory Day events that can be found in the in-game Item Shop. Purchasing a trophy will give you Allied weapon decorations or decals that you don’t yet have. The decals are dedicated to three main Soviet military memorials: “Rear-Front”, “Motherland”, and “Warrior Liberator”. The decorations are: “Bren Mk II”, “ROKS-3”, “M1 Garand”, “SG-43” and “Maxim-Tokarev Machine Gun”, plus the “Matilda II” and “120-PM-38” for Bluewater fleet vehicles.

Discounts in the store

From May 6th until May 13th, you’ll find discounts on many packs, plus rare bundles with themed vehicles that are dedicated to Victory Day in the Store. The larger “Weapons of Victory” bundle has received a particularly large discount. Additionally, the unique IS-2 “Revenge” tank can be temporarily purchased for Golden Eagles in-game!

Legend of Victory: Eremin’s Yak-3!

From May 8th until May 20th, take part in the Legend of Victory event to earn yourself themed decals, a decoration and a vehicle. The grand vehicle reward is a personalized Yak-3 owned by Soviet Major Boris Eremin!

Collective farmer Ferapont Golovatov, together with his family, relatives and neighbors collected an amount of 100,000 rubles and transferred it to the Soviet Government in May 1944 for the construction of a personalized Yak-3 fighter with a dedicated inscription for Major Boris Eremin. Eremin flew this aircraft until the very end of the war and achieved 6 aerial victories.

“Victory” series of tournaments

Until May 12th, take part in any of the 14 tournaments in the Victory series! Festive decals and titles await you here, along with a total prize pool of 184,000 Golden Eagles. You can follow the tournament schedule and participate in them at

Let’s celebrate together!



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Tommy Gun referred to the original 1921 model. The model shown in the picture is the 1928 Thompson Submachine Gun" Chicago Typewriter". For anyone wondering although the Term Tommy gun became synonymous with all Thompson Sub Machine Guns. So neato.


When the decorations and decals are actually cooler than the “event vehicle”…


can it be added to ground vehicles?
and, when will bring back those old stickers and 3D decorations?
we missed out on too much interesting content

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No, sorry. It’s a flag (navy flag). We do not have flags on ground vehicles.

Lame sale, and lame “event vehicle”. Come on gaijin… do better…


Maybe put out the tournament announcement before the tournament series starts next time, not halfway through it, just a suggestion, k thx.

Tournament list is always available here:

genuine question about the Hammer and Sickle being banned in some countrys same as the swastika as well as people // nations having bad memorys about it also same as swastika

should such a symbol be portrayed?


Yes, I know, that’s how you can see the four tournaments people missed out on Monday and Tuesday.

Which war ended on May 9?

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I was expecting more that another yak 3…

Sorry, you took that date from where?

Okay, I’m gonna ask the question another way. Victory in what?


Would suggest rephrasing what you said such as The flag is for Naval ships, not Ground Vehicles. I know English isn’t your main language however, it’s becoming a little too wordy/a little confusing.


For the Eastern Front, although it ended at 8th with the capitulation of Germany, the words took around a day to reach, thus the Victory day for Eastern Front is celebrated 9th instead.

Formally yes, but in fact only the war of the USSR against Nazi Germany.
But we have the attributes (picture, decal, decoration) of a common victory. Gaijin wanted to satisfy everyone, and it’s funny. They want everything at once, but they’re afraid to say it.


Well with capitulation of Germany thats one less Axis power for all of Allies, and thats huge for whole Europe, as Japan wasnt a threat there as it was to China/USSR/USA and a number of other countries.
So this date is in fact a closure of Eastern Front, thus being a Victory day for the Eastern Front, but not the WW2.
Saying only USSR attributed to Eastern Front would be very wrong.



It’s not me saying, it’s the gaijin.



Repeat. They want everything at once, but they’re afraid to say it. Russians don’t celebrate the Eastern Front, they have no such concept. For this forum, a blurry description of some kind of victory, for that forum, only their victory. And common awards.
This date is mandatory for gaijin, but they can’t say it here.