Vickers Warwick GR.Mk.II: Forgotten Warrior

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Introduction: The introduction to the Warwick was mentioned in great detail in my previous suggestion written about a month ago, which is l inked below. In summary, the Warwick was a design that had fallen out of favour with the Air Ministry, who preferred more modern types, such as the Lancaster and Halifax. The Warwick was adapted for service in other roles, such as that of a transport aircraft, air-sea-rescue aircraft and maritime patrol, which is what today’s suggestion is about.


Description: With the availability of the Bristol Centaurus, the Warwick finally became a combat capable aircraft. The prototype B.Mk.II was built, but, an ensuing production run did not occur, and the aircraft was quickly modified into a maritime reconnaissance aircraft. The increased power from the Centaurus led to directional stability problems. The aircraft was originally intended to be built in two versions, one fitted with the Leigh Light, and one without it. The Leigh Light version did not make it into production, but, some aircraft were made capable of carrying depth charges and rockets. Most were sent to Operational Training Units, and didn’t see frontline service, but, their importance to the war effort cannot be understated.





spec metric english

wingspan 29.49 meters 96 feet 9 inches
wing area 93.46 sq_meters 1,006 sq_feet
length 20.88 meters 68 feet 6 inches
height 5.64 meters 18 feet 6 inches

empty weight 14,120 kilograms 31,125 pounds
MTO weight 23,245 kilograms 51,250 pounds

max speed at altitude 420 KPH 260 MPH / 225 KT
cruise speed 340 KPH 210 MPH / 185 KT
service ceiling 5,790 meters 19,000 feet
range 4,910 kilometers 3,050 MI / 2,650 NMI

Armament: eight 0.303 in 7.7 mm machine guns in four gun tail turret and twin gun nose and dorsal turret, and up to 15,250 lb of bombs, 3x 18in or 2x 24in torpedoes, RP-3 rockets.

Conclusion: This aircraft isn’t well known and hopefully, if it is ever added to the game, it will expose this almost forgotten aircraft to a wider audience, bringing its importance to light.



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