Vickers mk 11 not having a scout drone

Some people are complaining about the performance. I am not going to go over any of that.

The only thing that bothers me is that it doesn’t get a scout drone and… why? List of vehicles that get scout UAVs are:

bmp 2
JaPzK A2 (And obviously sk105)
Amx 13 HOT

Pretty long list and that’s all vehicles that are either at the same or lower BR than it. Don’t say it’s the year either as most of those vehicles were made long before the mk11. (In some cases 30 years. Yeah I am looking at the Sheridan here)

I won’t bother with the survivability or performance of the vehicle itself. That much doesn’t bother me. (For people saying the armour is too weak, it isn’t.) It’s just the very inconsistent method they have for drones here which would give a MASSIVE utility buff to the vehicle which frankly is underperforming atm when compared to vehicles at the same/similar BR as it. Keep in mind how much it is handicapped by the lack of a reverse gear

I don’t think it would warrant an increase in BR if it was added from what I have been playing of it right now as it’s a very difficult vehicle to use in Warthunder purely because of the maps and lack of a reverse gear which makes it a very difficult vehicle to setup (As you have to both get into position and also rotate the vehicle in a direction to get out if needed)



Gaijin giveth and Gaijin taketh away.

(It’s British do you think they’d give us something good?)


Typical Gajin move, establishes rules and then constantly ignoring them.
Like ASU57 and ASU85 getting scout ability as the only tank destroyers.