Vickers MBT Mk.7/2 - "The Last Gasp"

Would you like to see the Vickers MBT Mk.7/2 in game?
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  • Yes, as a premium vehicle
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In Development: Vickers Mk.7/2 | Armored Warfare - Official Website


The Vickers Mk.7/2 was an update to the familiar Vickers Mk.7 tank developed for export by, well, Vickers. Before the concept fell out due to the German ban on exporting Leopard 2 technology, Vickers was keen to attract sales and stay ahead of the proverbial curve. While the Vickers Mk.7 was a good start, only when refined into the final iteration of the Universal Turret concept did the Vickers Mk.7, now Mk.7/2, become world-class and cutting edge. So, what changed?

Outwardly, it’s obvious that the Mk.7 turret got a glow-up to become the Mk.7/2. The armor profile was revised, with the lower turret cheeks toned down significantly and the gun mantlet revised with larger turret face coverage. The stabilized periscopes on the turret roof got slimmed down a little bit, but it’s unclear if it was simply a change to the optics’ housing or a switch to a new optic system. Either way, the tank was equipped with two stabilized sights on the roof: for the commander, the French SFIM VA 580-10 with laser rangefinder, and for both the commander and gunner, the Philips UA 9090 second generation thermal imaging sight. The gunner had a 10x zoom telescopic optic with a laser rangefinder as well as a periscopic optic which is seen above and to the side of the gun mantlet buried into the armor. Finally, the smoke grenade launchers went from two banks of five to two banks of six and were moved to the turret rear, resting on the now-integrated Chobham side armor.

It’s unclear whether the Mk.7/2 was created during the Mk.7’s life span or after the export deal on the hulls had fallen through. The Mk.7/2 is known to have gone through firing trials at Lulworth, but other than that, information is scarce. As we know, neither the Mk.7 nor Mk.7/2 were able to be exported, though the technology from these projects was incorporated into the design of the turret of the Brasilian Osório main battle tank - another failed project. Don’t feel too bad, though - Vickers still had success with the Challenger and Challenger 2.

Why it should be added to War Thunder

The Vickers Mk.7/2 is a logical follow-on to the Vickers Mk.7. The idea for this suggestion came to me when I was thinking about what vehicles could be placed after the Mk.7 since the Challenger 2E was put in the leftmost tech line. In terms of firepower, mobility, and nearly everything you could care about, the Mk.7/2 would be identical to the Mk.7, but the armor layout on the turret would be superior, depending on how it’s implemented. The optics are an interesting puzzle to tackle in terms of the game’s systems. However, both this and the Vickers Mk.7 would/should have Generation 2 thermal sights for the gunner, since the thermal gunner sight in the gunner view is actually based on the roof optic, which is second generation.

Another option for its implementation, to give it more flavor and make it more attractive as a follow-on, would be to equip it with the Rh120 L/44 cannon, which reportedly had a ready rack of nine rounds when installed in the Universal Turret. While it doesn’t ever appear to have been fitted, it was fully compatible, and this would address one of the Mk.7’s major deficiencies, that being the Challenger’s ready rack coupled with a Leopard 2 reload.


Vickers MBT Mk.7/2

Crew: 4

Weight: 55 tonnes

Engine: MTU 873 twelve-cylinder diesel engine (1,500 hp)

Max Speed:

  • Stated: 70 km/h (43.5 mph)
  • Actual: 80 km/h (49.7 mph)

Power/Weight Ratio: 27.3 hp/tonne


  • Primary: Royal Ordnance L11A5 120 mm cannon (35 rounds). - 10 / + 20 gun elevation angles
  • Secondary: Hughes 7.62 mm chain gun coaxially mounted


  • Armor is much of the same as the Vickers Mk.7, though the profile of the turret has been revised.
  • Turret front/sides: Chobham over welded steel
  • Turret rear: steel
  • Hull front: steel and composites
  • Hull sides/rear: steel

Additional Equipment

  • SFIM VA 580-10 commander’s sight
    • Two-plane stabilized
    • Laser rangefinder
    • Zoom: x2 - x10
  • Philips UA 9090 commander’s/gunner’s sight
    • Two plane stabilized
    • Second generation thermal imaging (625 lines)
  • Two-plane gun stabilizer
  • Gunner: laser rangefinder, x10 zoom optic
  • 2 x 6 smoke grenade banks






Nicholas Drummond on Twitter: "The Vickers Mk 7 MBT was a late-1980s British attempt to produce a low cost MBT with Chobham armour on a Leopard 2 hull. Although it only existed




I like the Vickers MBT family, so i support this! +1

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+1 as i love the vickers line of tanks! Hope it will be added as a tech tree vehicle (with better turret armour than the 7/1).

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This would be a great upgrade package modification imo.

I think as it introduces a thermal sight for the commander as well as 2nd gen thermals and better armour coverage it may be a little too good to be an add-on package.

Either way great suggestion @Headnaught and I’d love to see some sort of representation of it in-game.

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Not really much different that what happens to the Russian mbts imo

That’s true but we are asking for something British…

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The optics didn’t change as compared to the Vickers Mk.7, it’s just that in-game the shared thermal sight on the Vickers Mk.7 is treated as a Gen 1 gunner sight with 10x zoom rather than the separate periscopic Gen 2 thermal sight and 10x gunner’s telescopic day sight that it is in reality. I don’t blame Gaijin for not implementing this because it’d be pretty ridiculous to have to have another keybind for multiple commander’s views, and the Mk.7 was added before commander view was a thing. However it would be nice if the in game gunner’s sight got upgraded to gen 2.


Ahhh this makes sense, I’d take the gen 2 upgrade and the vickers mk7/2

Yeh personally i think instead of an entirely new vehicle to grind a simple modification upgrade for the 7/2 variant would be better, i think the Cheiftain mk10 to mk11 should get the same treatment with a thermal sight.

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No, it… it’s not. The following are the description changes in entries about Vickers Mk7/Mk7-2 in the Jane’s Armour & Artillery yearbook from the 1985, 1987 to 1990 edition. It did mention the differences between the Mk7/2 turret and the Mk7 turret in terms of optics and fire control system

Philips second generation thermal sight means this is the “second generation” of the UA 9090, which is designated the UA 9092. In different editions of the Jane’s Weapon Systems yearbook, UA 9092 also uses the index number of UA 9090, which means that the former is an upgraded version of the latter.


do either of the vickers mk7 have spall liners?

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Unfortunately I don’t know. The pictures on Tanks Encyclopedia aren’t very high resolution, but I’d like to say it looks like it does, at least on the sides.


I have emailed the tank museum asking this, I’m waiting for a reply