Vicker Mk 7 33.000 research points to each rank 1 modifications Great Britain

the Vickers Mk7 mbt in Great Britain ground tree sits in 10.3 br in ground RB . The modification research points to uclock repair kit = 33.000 rp , turret mechaic = 33.000 rp and track = 33.000 rp to unlock. Isnt it too high compared to other tanks tier 1 ?

It’s an end of line vehicle, which means the RP needed to unlock modifications is greatly increased.


Honestly, the end of line RP tax has always been unreasonable, not only for the Vickers Mk 7, which was released nearly 4 years ago.


True, and it even applied to lower vehicles some as low as 8.7, they get the full 30+k RP per modification.
At least it’s the same for every nation, all vehicles of same BR / tier / type have around the same maximum amount of RP needed to spade.

Some lines have vehicles with more mods, which to me is an advantage since that means lower RP per mod and you can get the required stuff quicker, then vehicles with less mods.

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