Versions of the Standard BMP-3 Question

I noticed there were some differences in newly delivered BMP-3’s and was wondering what version/versions are there out there of the standard BMP-3? I noticed there was at least one, the mod. 2017 version with updated Thermals/Sodema for the Commander supposedly. I’m not talking about the ones with like the Berezhok, but the standard module that a majority uses. I noticed like in the image below it looks like it had the smoke launchers moved to the rear of the turret. I apologize ahead of time, I’m not terribly knowledgeable on the BMP-3 platform with its standard combat module.

Anyways, what variants/modifications are there of the standard BMP-3? Year modifications, etc.

Please disregard any conflict/war references, I want to know more of a “Late-version” of the standard BMP-3 for possible future suggestion use. The image above has the BMP-3’s smoke launchers located on the rear of the turret in a similar fashion to the BMP-1. As we get more vehicles (hopefully) such as the British AJAX or Warrior CSP, more variants of the Bradley, etc., I want to see if there’s a later (not to major) change to the BMP-3 that features a slightly more enhanced FCS and utilizes 3UBR11APFSDS, better Commander sight, and I believe faster reloading for the ATGM from some sources if I’m not mistaken, Smokes moved to the rear, with other small upgrades to create a late version. Only added once other nations receive more of there own IFV’s.

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The question is, what variants/modifications are there of the standard BMP-3? Year modifications, etc.

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note most of these variants are low production runs (<50 or prototypes)

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