Vehicles of History: T-34

Hello! Today marks the beginning of my off brand Pages of History, but for vehicles.

First topic will be the T-34 Medium tank.

The T-34 was a beast of its time, with sloped armor, a powerful gun, and the ability to move quickly.

The T-34 was produced in very large numbers, with many variants introduced, totaling 84,070 units.


The T-34 began as a replacement to the aging BT series of tanks, and in 1940, Stalin’s universal vehicle was complete, named the T-34. Combat would show that its main gun was ineffective and thus a longer 76mm gun was crammed into the turret.

In 1944, the decision to upgun the vehicle was made, and dubbed the T-34-85, with the firepower to easily knock out a Tiger I from the front, but having the same armor as its predecessors.

After the war, T-34s were still used, most prominently in the Korean War, where North Korea used them to great effect.


The T-34 has left a legacy, which impressed even German generals in the Eastern Front. It showed the power of a quickly mass produced vehicle, and that it can turn the tide of a battle.

The T-34 led to the T-44’s production, and even the T-54. Today, few countries have T-34 variants.