Vehicles for USA next update

Pretty sure those boxes hanging of the side at 45 degree angles are the Radar (MHR node)

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The M-SHORAD does get radar, with MHR, as well as IFF. It’s an S-band pulse Doppler radar developed by DRS RADA technologies.

The nice thing about the radar on the M-SHORAD is that it can track both Air and Ground targets, making it quite a threat.

If you guys have more questions about the M-SHORAD, I have a whole thread on it, and am currently in the midst of making a suggestion for it.


YFM-1B, my beloved…


Something with LGB around or below 11.3-10.3
Ya know, something that’s not a 70$ A-6E

Would also love to see a YF-17 or F-5G (early F-20 with 6 Aim-9Js) to fill the 11.0-11.3 gap for fighters between the F-16 and F-5E

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The F-4E Early or F-4D might be serviceable, the B-57G Tropic Moon III would also work.


Beyond time for AGM-114Ls to be modeled. Russia outdoing US CAS is disagraceful. M-Shorad would also be a fantastic light tank addition to top tier.

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The B-57G won’t have countermeasures I’m assuming, nor guns, so basically a US buccaneer without the missiles… interesting… maybe 10.0 worthy even…

More F-4 variants are very welcome and long overdue, especially a late F-4E with all aspect Limas and 7F sparrows along with a PD radar.

PAVE GAT was a Laser directed 20mm ( an M197 w/ 4000 rounds, with experimental APFSDS ) gun turret that replaced the bomb bay, and with it installed (as an option) it still has the wing stations, actually it still has the 20mm cannons in the wing, apparently.

4x 20mm cannons in the wings, the same as the B-75B

Personally, I wonder if suggesting the AIM-9P-4 for the F-4E would be a viable half step, the MiG-21BIS and -23ML with the R-60M(K)( vs the AIM-9J / AIM-9G) are some of the strangest equivalencies there are at the same BR, considering the complete lack of All Aspect IR missiles for the F-4s around the same BR.


From what I could find it seemed they didn’t have them equipped in most cases, but knowing gaijin I’m sure they would love to have that option.

Seems like a good event version, since this project was cancelled. Sounds fun and interesting to see implemented ingame…

That would just put it at 11.3, no need for that really, there’s other planes that could do with that instead, especially the current F-5E.

I just finished typing up a Suggestion for the M-SHORAD Inc. 1, hopefully we can see it get passed. If not, I also have a topic discussing the current knowledge on it floating around.

I do really hope for the M-SHORAD, as it will provide true Air Defense that the US needs (Or at least, the classification of SPAAG)

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On a similar note, I’d like to see the ACV (Amphibious Combat Vehicle) which is set to replace the LAV-25 in USMC service.


It is armed with 30mm mk.44 Bushmaster II, 1x Javelin, and 4x Stinger in quad launcher. As the name implies, it can swim :D

It has been passed to developers, so fingers crossed.


So i am thinking that Japan will get F-15J MSIP in next major

It would be good if LAV 25 is added and i wonder if its in Tank Destoyer or Light Tank line.

Maybe or maybe their get another fake F16 we will see


What’s the point of adding a fake F-16 if you can add a real F-15?

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don’t ask me

I think that they are waiting to add SEAD missiles to implement this plane cause it is one of the most famous SEAD platform

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Trophy desert T-90a and Pantsir-S1, Leopard of some kind, K1-2, M1 CATTB, YF-23 and something for an empty branch after T92.

I’d love to get both the LAV 25 and the Stryker SHORAD. They both could be well needed additions.


Yeah currently USA tech tree lack light fighter aircraft 11.0 ~ 11.7 & gap between F-5E Tiger II and F-16A Block 10 but Northrop YF-17 could be 11.3 because limited IR AAM & none Air-to-Ground armament

I assume F-4E Early (before Block 53) like F-4E in tech tree but no leading-edge slats under the Agile Eagle program and maneuverability same F-4C/F-4D & USN F-4A ~ F-4J, no AGM-65 Maverick & GBU-15 and different targeting pod

So guess F-4E Early might be event vehicle or premium GE in rank VII

I suppose F-4D gap between F-4C & F-4E and would be 10.7 or 11.0 BR