Vehicle suggestion issues

I’m trying to post some suggestions for vehicles and they aren’t being accepted and I’m not getting to suggest my ideas. Also not telling me why they turn it down.


Last week or 2, there’s been SOOOO many suggestions put up, that I’m just gonna go out on a whim and say that staff are likely still having trouble in the forums, because with that spam, there’s also the flagging spam, and the matter that there are so many threads being posted per day, that I really do think they’ll be very tired and overwhelmed.

I’d even hazard a guess that a lot of the staff don’t even know how to really drive the forums yet with this change and how complex this new setup is compared to the basic old forums.

If they are being denied though, that could be different.

(What vehicles did you suggest and did you get a fulll response saying they’d been denied, or just didn’t hear back?)

I suggested the BM-21 MLRS system for many different nations that operated it on similar or different chassis of the URAL-375 with given info and history of it, they never sent a reason why it was denied, it just was and got no response.

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So you like, actually got a message saying it was denied?

I’d check that it’s not been suggested before because there’s actually a lot of search results showing that it has been talked of extensibly, and would lead me to think there’s a suggestion somewhere.

No, no message, just next thing I posted another thing the next day and then it just said only 1 thing qued to be accepted and I searched for my topic and it wasn’t there

You’ll want to hit up the suggestion moderators/helpers via a PM to query it then.

It’d be a cool vehicle, but definitely difficult to use in close proximity… Cool, but tricky.

Typically the suggestion mods don’t send responses back saying your suggestion was rejected, the best way to see if it’s still awaiting approval is if it’s still pending. You can ask them if you want about why it was not approved however there isn’t any means of knowing who did reject it so you might not even get your answer. I currently have two suggestions pending currently with the oldest being posted on September 30th and currently I am waiting on a third however they have yet to be declined. Chances are though if you saved that suggestion somewhere else just in-case I would look back at it and revise it since they don’t exactly just deny if for nothing so I would go back a double check your work and make sure it meets the rule criteria. Once the topic is approved however it will appear in the suggestions, however at the very least it will appear as a notification on the forums that it was approved however I don’t believe you are suppose to get a email if they are approved (and if they do well I just am not that aware of it since I have it to where it doesn’t send me emails). The only time when they would reject your post when it meets all the criteria is if someone around the same time made the same suggestion that also meets those standards in which case they can’t approve both.

But looking at your comments thought I have to ask one thing, were you suggesting it for just one nation at a time or multiple because normally you don’t suggest the same vehicle in one suggestion for multiple nations all at the same time?

Yup you need to DM a suggestion moderator for the reason why it was denied. We do not give out who denied what suggestion as we discuss between ourselves if we are unable to determine the reason for denial when requested.

As stated at the top of our rules and guidelines:

Also to add to respond to a few Radio Demon’s comments

We are aware but unable to change at this time due to the limitations of the platform

You also don’t always require copies of your suggestions since we can provide copies of them however it’s always smart to have your own copy of your suggestion so that once you know the reason you can get to fixing it and re-posting it right away.

Yeah, it was just a weapon system suggestion (it’s already in game it just needed to be added to a ground forces vehicle chassis) so that’s probably the issue, but for another it was the STRV103D as like an event vehicle and it was either denied or pending.

Im guessing each “group” or type of moderators for each subject talk about it together, not all of them, or is this not the case, if so, who would I contact in the case I did it properly?

yeah idk why but none of my suggestions ever went through, I’ve made about 8 or 9 of them, and all except one were “approved” into the archive, I have one left pending but I don’t have high hopes, I submitted that one on Sep 19

you can reach out to any suggestion moderator in dm’s but I do have to remind you that even if a vehicle 1 for 1 is already in game but you want to suggest it for another nation the suggestion will have to still follow all our guidelines as Radio Demon was mentioning (odd I can’t @ you since you have @live in your name I’ll have to bring that up with the web devs)

You still need a description of the vehicle, history, specs, photos, sources etc. and a single suggestion is for a single vehicle (or family of vehicles) for a single nation. If you want to suggest the same vehicle for multiple nations you would have to make multiple suggestions.

@hjnbnb Feel free to reach out to myself or another suggestion moderator to request the reason for denial as mentioned before its up to the poster of the suggestion to reach out to us to inquiry about that.

So like for example, last night I posted for Suggestions->Game-Mechanics. This was a camo net and Barracuda MCS with plenty of photos but I forgot to link to the SAAB barracuda MCS, which is the only technical thing in the list, but I linked to an earlier post about it that had it in it, will that most likely go through?

As I mentioned you would need to reach out to us privately but I do not know since I haven’t looked at it.