Vehicle Review: T14 and its Decal!

When: Until April 29th (07:00 GMT) play 3 battles using the T14 to get the special “Wiki approved: T14” decal.


As the smoke from the air battles over the very existence of Great Britain cleared, the British were already planning a counterattack, but quickly found out that they lacked robust ground vehicles.

There was no time to lose, and, having just survived many incredibly hard battles, it seemed a bit too difficult to manage by themselves, so the British turned to their allies. And so the development of the T14 began — a heavy tank project developed in partnerrship with the USA.

What they got was the Sherman cranked up to eleven. Very well-armored, retaining decent mobility, carrying the same 75mm gun as the Sherman. This vehicle never got to see real action, but you can try out this mid-heavyweight in War Thunder!

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Cool! Love the T14


cool way to destroy 3,7 br, thanks to t14 spam
great job snail

How thick is the side armour behind tracks and the plate facing top of tracks? It isn’t mentioned in video/wiki and it is common weakspot for Sherman Jumbo.

Interesting, is that front part of side different thickness?

how about that underside directly above tracks?

The front part is also 63.5 mm, just different armor plate. 50.3mm but very sloped around all hull. If you mean the part where spare tracks are hung under the turret.

I mean the “roof” above tracks

I dont think i understand. Like the tank bottom? To throw HE under it praying it pens?

Lets say you are a track and you look up, what do you see?


Lmao. That’s gotta be the best description of something I’ve seen on these forums. I seriously mean that

Mudguard or hull lmao. Here is your answer.


Exactly what I meant, thank you:)

Yeah, seems like a weakspot just like in Jumbos case.
At least the inner side seems more robust.

Wait… What I’m hearing is you shoot HE under tanks that you can’t pen frontally and blow that crap outta them with basically improvised land mines?? That’s crazy 😂

Jumbo´s weakspot is the plate behind, that is where the round goes through when you are angled in the Jumbo and you get shot in the track or above it. That plate is 63.5 mm on the T14. In Jumbo´s case idk rn how thick it is, but doubt its much different.

That bottom “mudguard” plate just above tracks gets exposed if the gun depression is used to its fullest, making it quite easy to penetrate with APHE shell and detonating inside.
It happened to me more than once both when I was driving Jumbo and when I was attacking it.

Jumbo has 38 mm behind tracks, so quite a difference. So it is not advised to angle Jumbo as its easy to penetrate it even under steep angles.

I like that T14 doesn’t share this weakness, so you can angle it like Tiger, T-34 or KV-1.

So the video says that it’s best to be hit in the turret over the hull… when the turret front cheeks are the most predominant weakspots of the tank…?

And then also says that the tank has 2 7.62 mm machineguns when the hull mounted machinegun is not functional…

Gaijin, this video was clearly not fact checked.