Vehicle reflective stickers

In peacetime, the military often installs reflective stickers on vehicles to enhance safety needs.
You can see this kind of sticker on many military vehicles

For vehicles with monotonous colors, reflective stickers are an excellent choice for enriching visual effects.

Considering that there are currently only 4 sticker slots available in the game.
So I suggest providing additional space for reflective stickers to better decorate the vehicle
or use 10 reflective stickers to occupy only one position

I have created a finished product that developers can use directly

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This may be the only vehicle in the game with reflective stickers


Would definitely welcome this.

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I think yes but only if they also add more decal slots. Putting reflective stickers on vehicles will basically eat up decal slots and can take away further customization.


there is no point to it but it just one of those things that’s a need for no reason like a crowbar everyone wants one for no reason simply because it’s a fucking crowbar.

As long as people like it, it has a meaning of existence.
Compared to those strange and comical decorations, this is more suitable for a military simulation game

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We need something blingbling!