Vehicle module points dissapearing

I opened a new vehicle and played 2 battles.
1st battle: 2694 RP
2nd battle: 2616 RP
Then I learned a new modification for 3200 RP. The question is where is the rest 2110RP?
Can’t attach 3 screens so here are only 2.

If you jump into a new game before the previous one finishes and assesses RP rewards, the game finishes that module and then “loses” the rest of the RP. Because… ???
Its a well known (but undocumented of course) Gaijin Gotcha.
Never play a vehicle again that you think might finish off a part. Besides that you might need that improvement, the above can happen. Go play something else or touch grass for a while until that game ends and you can collect your snail drippings.