Vehicle images

Just wanted to say that the black and white images, it was a nice touch. Now it feels like some mobile game or the other game. I dont think this was something the game needed
Not like it matter much, but why do this at all. Before the grainy photo of old vehicles. I think it was just a nice touch, then you get to the more modern stuff and its in color. I dont know why this had to be changed, the old images black and white looked very real and cool now looking at the icons none of it looks real. And also why are some icons for the vehicles and some are so small, like some vehicles are 1x size some re 0.5x size and some are even smaller wtf, but that is separate issue. I dont care about this much, but I am concerned about the people who work on this that they dont question wtf are they doing.


just look at ocezot, gepard, flakpanzer and then leo, its like 4x bigger its probably bug

The size of FlaRakRad and leo 2a4 its 2-4 times the size and I dont play much so I am sure tehre sis more. But the main point is why change it at all?!

Even the leo2 pso has like 2x smaller image, than the leo before it. And I honestly think the black and white images were cool. There are people and maybe kids they dont know where what was introduced, the blak and white images made clear line of older and newer tech.

I knew something was going wrong when they started to change the hisorical images, to the in-game screenshots with a black and white filter on it.