Vehicle and enviroment textures as well as shadows, become pixelated blobs

Playing multiple rounds of ground RB, I’ve had the following issue where the game suddenly shifts into some weird blackened mode where I can barely make out enemy tanks and shadows are pitch black. This only started happening today. The issue would resolve itself if I went into the graphics menu and applied any other setting (tried multiple and they all worked) and then flipped the setting back with no issues.


Have you even verified files, or checked for a driver update? (Literally the first steps in ANY situation like this)

I’ve had the same issue for years off and on, it’ll just sometimes randomly do this, I always check to make I have the latest drivers, and verify my files, which always seem to be good. turning the game off and back on again seems to fix it for a while.

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Old bug reintroduced.

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Ive had this problem too for a while now. It seems to come back randomly. There are only quick fixes. like, changing something in settings, looking at something that isn’t black or restarting game. Restarting game might not always work.

I have yet to see this issue be fixed or get any good reason for why.