VEAK 40 is 8.7, ItPsV 90 is 8.7, why?

Remove the ItPsV 90 or move it up in BR.

Sweden does not lose SPAA coverage, it has the VEAK 40. There is no justification for continued imbalance.

Or, better, use the T-55AM chassis the vehicle originally used and retired in 2010 rather than a Leopard 2 chassis which is the majority reason for its imbalance.

We shot down 2 many soviet aircrafts so it got a higher BR, RIP VEAK40


Yea this one pretty much sums it up.

The VEAK has proxy shells it’s extremely effective.

My issue isn’t with the VEAK, but its BR certainly doesn’t need to be decreased. The issue is the ItPsV.

think thats because of the chassis,
believe both SPAAs have been 8.3 at some point but both got moved up


Lower maybe, the VEAK deserves 8.7, its proxy shells have tracers making it easier to dodge unlike the M247 who you won’t know is shooting at you until the shells begin exploding.

The ItPsV is the marksman turret which is 8.3, but uses the Leopard 2 Chassis which is 10.0, given the effectiveness of its anti-tank capabilities due to its mobility and stabilizer it should be 9.0, not 8.7

Also a problem with the Veak (the M247 probably too) is that you cant fire it from the zoomed in outside view without going blind because of the muzzle flashes

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I do not find this an issue on the M247 but it’s also rare I’ll bother with zooming in unless the target is far away.

Thos can be said for all muzzle flashes in this game. They are often not a big explosion at the end of your barrel. Only rarely does the gas Re-ignite. 89% is just smoke! Most games make the mistake that guns always flash

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