VBCI-2 30mm instead of 40mm

On the wikipedia page of the vbci ifv of france it says that the VBCI-2 is an upgraded version of the original VBCI and should have a 40mm cannon. Why does it have a 30mm in the game?

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Some more pictures from other websites. And just now noticed that turret isn’t modeled right too. You would think that maybe I have the wrong version but the VBCI-2 (MCT30) just does not exist when I search it, I can only find the VCBI-2 with a 40mm gun.

Anyone know why?

To put it simply, Gaijin chose one of the only obscure versions that does not have an ATGM, surely not to overshadow the Russian BMPs, this version of the VBCI-2 and an exeport for Qatar. Even the French commu had trouble finding the source but not Gaijin. Personally I am extremely disappointed with the choice of this version the VBCI Philoctète should have been obvious but not for Gaijin…😰


Maybe the Philoctetes and planned for the trees but since there is no news on that…

So it actually exists but its really hard to find? And did it actually have an atgm cus i read about it and all versions i saw didnt have atgms. Thanks for answering btw

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The philoctetes has ATGMs moreover he has a CT40 turret an exellent British-French turret

The MCT30 turret on VBCI are selected by quatari forces for the personal guard of the prince.

Maybe we see coming later the VBCI with CTA40 turret (CTAS40mm gun and missiles MMP), named Philoctète, in the regular tech tree… (yeah, i know, i dreaming…)


It seems that hope makes you live (that’s why the French have a long life 😂 🤣)

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should actually come with the Javelin as it will be mounted on the CROWS station


It is better to only be 30mm wihout missle, that means hopefully next patch they will add a 40mm version with maybe missles as a tech tree version


That be can good for the vehicle but unfortunatly, the Javelin missile is not implemented for the moment.
Maybe the VBCI will be update with the Javelin when it’s implemented.

LOL i have webchatgpt plugin and even chatgpt couldnt find it.

Do you know when the javelin is getting implemented?

I’ve been playing it for a day now it’s pretty good at shredding bmp’s. But it’s very situational cus some maps are so dogshit for this vehicle but having a lot of fun with it. If anyone is considering this one, buy it.

Nope …

The way my missiles are launching out of my ADATS currently, I’d say Javelin is already started. It looks like they’re launching from way above my head and hitting tanks from top down. And inaccurate. They’ve really screwed the ADATS. Or are thinking it has Javelins now. Jk I’m sure it’s another bug or just poor coding for flight pattern

This if i recall correctly tho is the Patria AVM A28

ya pictures like this confuse a lot of people it does look like a vbci 2 at a quick glance

I took the vbci for the sales, always wanted a new scout vehicle since gaijin refuses to upgrade the french.
In which world this thing is good at 9.7, 0.3 up, there is 2S38 which much better than vbci

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