Vautour IIB Air Spawn

Here in another episode of how Gaijin hates France, the Vautour IIB, a BOMBER, does not have access to an air spawn in RB…


I don’t even know if Gaijin understands what they caused by moving it to rank 6.

Ground spawn on a subsonic bomber, no guns no missiles no flares, at 9.0, against supersonic jets with AAM.

Are we supposed to take off and fly around waiting for the match to end before bombing?


Just saw this after trying to use the Vautour… I’m still in actual disbelief at how insanely stupid of a change this is.

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Nahh facing plane at mach 2 with guided missile in a subsonic bomber is too easy for french main ‘probably Gaijin

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That seems about right… 🤣