Various Problems

I have an older version of the Virpil Mongoose T-50 throttle, the one that doesn’t plug into the stick base, just direct to USB. War Thunder can read the axis commands perfectly fine, but doesn’t register any button presses. My PC can read all inputs properly and it works perfectly well in every other game, only War Thunder is having this problem.

I’m also having a problem with the game not consistently recognizing my controls. Sometime I’ll start the game and it will read my stick as C1, then the next time it will recognize it as C3, and none of the buttons work. One time it read inputs as an Xbox controller. In fact, one time the throttle buttons did work and it read them as an Xbox controller, but the next time I started the game it didn’t read them anymore. As it is right now even if I save my input bindings it won’t remember them the next time I start the game, even if I manually re-load the .blk.

One last thing; in planes where the gunsight is offset to line up with the right eye, War Thunder centers the VR user’s head to line up with the gunsight, rather than the pilot’s head. Is there any way to change this besides actually shifting my body and re-centering? It’s such a clumsy solution and often causes even more problems.