Variety in the top tier is incredible (contains irony)

We urgently need more 4th gen aircraft, especially in minor nations, all my games are like this…
The f16 meta is complicated…



In the next few major updates (so by Christmas) there will definitely be more variety. There’s the Gripen which is confirmed, UK is getting a new top tier so there’s a new harrier or Tornado, and if the Gripen comes with ARH’s that opens the door to things like the F-15C and SU-27 early next year.

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Have you ever looked at the deck of a modern US carrier (just as a comparison): you’ll see a ton of Rhinos and a Hawkeye and Seahawk or two. Whereas 20, 30 years ago you saw Corsair, Intruders, Prowlers, Hornets, Tomcats, Vikings, Seakings.

Modern Air Warfare focuses a lot on multi (or even omni) role, with individual types fulfilling the role and replacing a variety of different types specialized in various roles. The F-16 sure fits into this multirole scheme.

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This isnt irony, its sarcasm. And poorly done sarcasm if you are having to point out that you are being sarcastic.

Sure but War Thunder is supposed to be a game and games are supposed to be fun.
Always facing or playing with the same vehicle is nowhere near that …


Yes but this was always the case when stuff was added at the top: at first, only in small variety, later more “fleshed out”.

IIRC the Tunguska was also the first SAM for a while, before Rolands and ADATS etc. were added.

We don’t need more gen 4s, screw gen 4s.
We need more Gen 3s
Insert A-4s DESTROYING F-14s in TOPGUN.


That’s where i’m happy France gonna be totally futureproof without copy past like more than half the other nations.

Hope so. But they’ll nerf it to the ground anyway so not so happy …

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I severely disagree going by a few of my exchanges here 🤣🥳

“The important thing is the pilot, not the plane”
every French main repeats this phrase before being exploded in bvr combat :'(


You want dick and don’t know how to ask ( this is sarcasm).
By your comment you showed us that you understand a lot about figures of speech.(this is irony)

Eh. French stuff does have issues but isn’t impossible to master.
Well, I say that n then play the Mystere 4A lmao

Alright, what was ironic about your post

A lot of issues actually and especially in top tier.

the title…