Vampire 7.3 or 7.7 plz gaijin

when does the vampire come down to 7.7 - 7.3? he just doesn’t belong in 8.0 against planes much more powerful than him.

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Its 8.0 to protect the 6.7 and 6.3 late props

Given that on WT you are 90% of the time uptier, that’s for sure what AAM and Sagittario, Mig, a4Early are doing, you are really in your place facing planes with flares and missiles…

Say what now?

We have plenty of stuff at 7.3-7.7 that absolutely eat all the 6.3-6.7, especially any prop.

Vampire at 8.0 is a joke

I am not very good in RB but I just enjoyed spading the finnish Vampire. I even got a positive K/D on her. And that was spading the plane. I have more issues with other jets.