V sync not working

I have been having an issue where Vsync just randomly stops working in the middle of matches. i have been having this issue for awhile now and with out Vsync my graphics card gets over loaded and every other frame my frame rate drops giving a sort of smoothed out slide show effect.

last time i had this issue i tried opening the AMD control panel and set a frame cap which gave me a 10 second long black screen every few seconds making every game unplayable. so i reset my setting, updated my drivers, rolled back my drivers, restarted my pc, and only after uninstalling my graphics card in the device manager did the black screening stop and only after updating my drivers again 5 days later did the Vsync issue fix its self. now its is back and all the advice i could find for this is for Nvidia graphics cards which i dont have. i am at my wits end and would very much so appreciate any help