V-sync breaks steam overlay

Basically, turning on v-sync has broken the steam overlay for me. Not only does it become unresponsive(as in, incapable of opening and if opened, unable to interact with or close it), but it seems to forget the resolution that I was playing and defaults to 480p GUI scale. It goes away if I change the screen mode from fullscreen window to fullscreen, and turning back fullscreen window it still works. It happens everytime when starting the game.

Hey, that’s a cool info…

Ok, some new info I’ve gathered:

I couldn’t get this bug to reproduce, not even by restarting the pc, so I assume the fix is permanent-ish.

Worth noting that the last times I’ve been booting up war thunder this week(and that’s what I’ve meant with everytime, started last week or so) were always after the game updated on steam. So it may be an after-update reocurring bug.