USS Phelps is overtiered

All USA 5.0 destroyers have 8 5-inch guns, while the USS Phelps only has 5. Even the USS Frank Knox has 6 at 4.7. The Frank Knox at 4.7 also has better aa coverage. I see no reason for the USS Phelps to be any higher than 4.7.


I’m pretty sure it’s a legacy BR like with other vessels but the USS Phelps DD-360 definitely should be a 4.7 only have five main guns due to being a heavily modernized Porter class & generally if the ship has more AA vs main cannons it’s usually lower in BR example Type 1934 Zerstörers iirc.

I would definitely like to see it get lowered due to being the Porter class I used the most also I really should’ve mentioned it in my BR change comment yet that goes nowhere every damn time I type it on those poxy posts and even then in that recent change nothing was moved that was mention by many players.


It should have remained at the same BR as the Cowell as it is functionally the same ship just with 2 less torpedoes and a tiny bit less speed.

It really has no reason to be at 5.0.


In one aspect it is better than the 6- and 8-gun DD’s - it’s mounts are all Dual Purpose - ie capable of elevating to 85 degrees against 35 degrees for those other ships.

Not sure that is worth any extra BR, but it is very useful for AA work - plus of course they have much better light AA than all the other 5.0’s.

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The only problem with this is that every other US destroyer with 5 inch guns at a lower BR has dual purpose mounts. It doesn’t actually offer anything over Sumner or Gearing.

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blagorodny and spokoinyy only have 4 5-inch guns at 5.0

sure. they are sooooo hard to play on their br.

when facing Moffetts with double your guns they are.

I´m happy for people enjoying their Blagorodny, but let´s be honest, she has some serious advantages over other vessels on the same br. Basically instant fire solution, very hard and precise hitting shells, good sturdiness, and a very much too tiny magazine in regard of the ammo quantity she carries. And of course, against a well played Moffett she´ll have to fight for the win. I´d say we are all in the same boat regarding balancing issues. Fair winds, Fleur

In BR 4.7,
【USS Gearing】has 6×127mm,16×40mm,11×20mm guns,
【USS Sumner】has 6×127mm,12×40mm,10×20mm guns,
In BR 5.0
【USS Phelps】 has 5×127mm, 8×40mm, 6×20mm guns.

So, why 【USS Phelps】stays in BR 5.0 ?
Shouldn’t she stays in BR 4.7 , Mr. GAIJIN ?


Moffetts also explode in one salvo if you hit them under their rear turrets. If you can’t see their rear turrets, they have the same number of guns as you.

All the USA DD’s with twin turrets do

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Yeah, it’s just a “feature” of those older designs. I only specified Moffett because the person I was responding to specifically mentioned that ship.

I’m curious though, is Phelps as explode-y as the other Porter or Somers-class ships? I haven’t seen one in eons except in my hangar.

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