USS Phelps is overtiered

All USA 5.0 destroyers have 8 5-inch guns, while the USS Phelps only has 5. Even the USS Frank Knox has 6 at 4.7. The Frank Knox at 4.7 also has better aa coverage. I see no reason for the USS Phelps to be any higher than 4.7.


I’m pretty sure it’s a legacy BR like with other vessels but the USS Phelps DD-360 definitely should be a 4.7 only have five main guns due to being a heavily modernized Porter class & generally if the ship has more AA vs main cannons it’s usually lower in BR example Type 1934 Zerstörers iirc.

I would definitely like to see it get lowered due to being the Porter class I used the most also I really should’ve mentioned it in my BR change comment yet that goes nowhere every damn time I type it on those poxy posts and even then in that recent change nothing was moved that was mention by many players.

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It should have remained at the same BR as the Cowell as it is functionally the same ship just with 2 less torpedoes and a tiny bit less speed.

It really has no reason to be at 5.0.

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In one aspect it is better than the 6- and 8-gun DD’s - it’s mounts are all Dual Purpose - ie capable of elevating to 85 degrees against 35 degrees for those other ships.

Not sure that is worth any extra BR, but it is very useful for AA work - plus of course they have much better light AA than all the other 5.0’s.

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