USS Nimitz

General Characteristics
Country: USA
Rank: 7
Battle Rating: 9.75
Type: Aircraft Carrier
Class: Nimitz class
Speed: 31.5kn
Plane/Helicopter Storage: 90
Research: 755k RP
Cost: 825k SL

Any Researched Rank 1 to Rank 9 Naval Planes

Rank 1 to Rank 9 Naval Plane squad mates

AA Armament
2 x Sea Sparrow AA Missile Unit
2 x RIM-116 AA Missile Unit
2 x CIWS

Secondary Armament
4 x 25mm Mk32 Autocannons
10 x 12.7mm Cannons

what role would it play? like a squadron thing?

Idk, probably squadron

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