USS Missouri

General Characteristics
Country: USA
Type: Premium Fast Battleship
Class: Iowa Class
Top Speed: 32.7kn
Rank: 6
Cost: 115$ Pack
45 days of premium
4k GE
USS Missouri

Main Armament
9 x 16in x 3 cannons

Secondary Armament
20 x 5in x 2 Autocannons

AA Armament
80 x 40mm x 4
45 x 20mm x 1

3 x OS2U-3

This is supposed to be some kind of suggestion post, I think ?

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for both the OS2U and helipad or manned AA and CIWS to be available, even by module unlock: ship 's are usually represented as they appeared at a specific point in time, which was several decades apart for those facilities on this ship.

If the Missouri are implemented in the game, that in his wwII version (no post war armements).

Its actually a Iowa class battleship

I changed it

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OK buddy lmao

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2166$ worth of GE down the drain!

whoa whoa whao. premium I get. but 2166$ is just a little to premium xD

Well if “Type Premium fast battleship” doesn’t give it away I don’t know what does, well depending on once the suggestion thread is unlocked to post suggestions again I might check with the suggestion mods if the ones that were passed for consideration should be remade on the new forums or not, if I do I don’t plan on changing my suggestion I made for the ship but just modifying it for the new forums and Ill do the same for the rest, only one of them I am considering remaking just because of the context I made it in but it’s a less relevant suggestion.

It has been updated several times now.

Yes sir! I am just being silly