USS Flaggstaff - target lock seems not to work


due to the actual BP-challenge I played the flagstaff (like a lot of other navals too). I wonder why the target-view lock does not work on this ship, this makes the shooting even much more difficult as it already is - I also wonder not to find any reports or complaints about this in the forum. Maybe because after the challenge no one (me included) will ever play this worse boat any longer?

I didn’t even use it for that mission. I used the Chinese Mustang.

The ship is 100% worthless and is not worth the time or effort to play. Only a psychotic would ever come up with the idea to add such a worthless piece of junk let alone play it seriously.

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“Oh, they noticed, oh well! Off to the next terrible Battlepass!”

The 152 is fun when you get a hit - OHK’s PT boats :)

But yeah - used it alongside 5.0 DD’s to get he 20k and now happy to never see it again - except in my sights :)

I’m also grinding these 20k matchpoints with USS Flagstaff…its horrible. Whats 3.0 on this boat? Its so useless and undergunned (the mortar isn’t really working well).