USS Des Moines seaplanes?

I recently purchased the USS Des Moines and looking at it, there appears to be what I think is a catapult on the back of it. But it doesn’t have the scout seaplanes. Should it have them? It’s a premium so everything is unlocked, but I don’t see a plane upgrade in the mods. Is there some reason it doesn’t have it? will it be getting later? thanks

Floatplanes were abandoned by the US Navy by the time ships came online, so they never embarked any.

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Yeah - apparently the catapults were never actually completed, and later on helipads were installed.

eg see USS Des Moines (CA-134)

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Well that explains that…thank you very much. Now wouldn’t it be cool if they added a researchable mod that would add the helipad…and like silly little heli with pontoons to scout with…fantasy thinking I know.