USS Arkansas question

“In total, USS Arkansas received 8 single mounted 76mm guns, 6 quadruple 28mm machine guns (known as the “Chicago piano”!) as well as 26 20mm Oerlikon machine guns. These additions meant that the USS Arkansas’ ability against enemy ships was reduced, but capability against enemy aircraft was increased: something the USS Wyoming lacked.”

Can someone tell me which year/refit featured the 1.1" “Chicago Piano” AA guns? I can only find reference to 3", 20mm, and 40mm guns. I’m trying to figure out which refit this is given their description.

“Unlike its sistership, USS Wyoming, the USS Arkansas features modernization that started at the beginning of World War II. During these modernization changes, the anti-mine caliber weapons were converted into anti-aircraft guns, as well as the armor being strengthened.”


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Thanks for the quick response.