Using internal screens of helicopters

Hello everyone, i have a question regarding helis internal screens, i have controls to move the camera and in atgm mode it works perfectly fine but when im playing from 1st person perspective while looking at the MFD i see that i cannot operate camera lile that. So there’s my question is there a way to set it up and if not if it will be implemented? Im planning on playing in VR and i cant imagine there is no way to bind it.
Thanks in advance for answers.
Hope ill see you on the battlefield someday.

No, sadly this is not implemented, and it’s the same for aircraft.

I’m also a VR player and find this a big pity, as it cuts immersion if you have to switch views to control a screen that you have in the cockpit.

I think in helis it’s even worse as the different control modes allow different levels of control over sensors or weapons: It’s for example not possible to control the turret if you’re in simplified, realistic or full modes, except if you are in certain view modes, etc…

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