Using GBU's in Sim EC - Intruder as example

Hi folks

I still struggle to employ GBU’s in any effective way (Sim EC). I last tried with the A-6, but not a single hit…

What I would do is get myself to about 2000 meters above the terrain, seek my target, mark it, then drop when the distance to the target is about 6000 meters.

A first issue I see is that the targeting sight stutters very heavily. Is that a common thing or maybe related to the fact that I use a VR headset?

The second obviously is if my combination of elevation and drop distance is even remotely reasonable. Sadly, the recently implemented indication for guided bombs drop time is completely useless in sim, as it’s only working in external view or HUD view.

In the battle log I often see people be quite efficient in using GBU’s against ground targets in Sim EC. How do you guys do it?

Hm, do we actually know any glide ratios of the different guided bombs we have in the game?

So far my assumptions are just based on simple calculations taking into account altitude and speed, but no aerodynamics…

I have found that you need to be almost above the target, and longes bombtoss I have made that tracked the target was like 4km away.

Missiles have drag so why wouldn’t the bombs have? I don’t know if they have implemented it.

On the targetting sight problem, I personally haven’t had any but I don’t use A-6 or even VR.