Using Brevity Codes for Voice of Modern Aircraft Pilots

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Hello. Forum Friends

My suggestion is to add a new voice to the game for modern aircraft pilots.
New voices use Brevity codes, which is an abbreviation used by western militaries (mainly US). Typical abbreviations are “FOX-TWO” and “GUNS GUNS GUNS!”

Currently the game has infrared guided missiles, radar guided missiles, air to ground missiles, guided bombs and anti-ship missiles.

Below are the calls that can be added to the game using Brevity codes.

FOX-ONE : Semi-active radar guided Air-to-Air missile

FOX-TWO : IR guided Air-to-Air missile

RIFLE : AGM-65 Maverick / other AGMs

PIGS AWAY : Guided bomb

RIPPLE : Two or more munitions will be released or fired in close succession

GUNS : Aircraft gun

WINCHESTER : No ordnance remaining

LASER ON : Directive call to start lasing

LASING : The speaker is firing the laser in response to LASER ON

BRAA(Bearing,Range,Altitude,Aspect) : Used to report the location of enemy aircraft
case "Radar contact BRAA 180(Bearing) 40(Range) 10000(Altitude) hot(Aspect Angle) "

There must be other Brevity codes available in the game. Please comment so I can add them to the Suggestion.

This should provide a more modern combat experience and improve the QoL of the players.



+1 Voice procedure should be as correct as possible, we aren’t the other place after all.

Same for tanks!


Good idea!

Especially for Sim, those call-outs would really help - after all that’s what they’re used for also IRL, so people around know what’s happening.

You see a dogfight far off, see a missile fired, and hear the call “Fox 2, you immediately know what exactly you are observing, and can react accordingly.”

Hehe, would be nice to have it localized then! We Swiss have our own code, the Bambini code, consisting of a strange mix up of our four official languages. ;-)


I think you’re suggesting adding radio chatter, and I while I like the idea it would probably be quite distracting.

Analog military radio headsets only emit in limited modes; typically Left, Right, or Middle. Left and Right are for unit-level (company) and higher-level communication (battalion/battlegroup/brigade), while the Middle is for sub-unit or in-vehicle communication (tank intercom, platoon/troop).

It’s possible that more modern, fully digital headsets may use sound direction modelling, but I don’t know for sure.

An engagement 10km away would sound almost the same as an engagement 1km away, and both would come from the same “direction” regardless of their map direction from you.

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Hm no, I don’t mean directional radio sound.

What I mean is that I a) observe an action in the game world (example: missile launch from one unidentified aircraft an another unidentified aircraft), and b) if hearing “Fox 2” at the same instance from a friendly, I can assume that the firing aircraft is the friendly, the target the enemy.

Today I can do the same, but have to wait and see if the missile hits, if a red or a blue is killed to be able to assume correctly who is who.

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Let’s say you see Aircraft 1 engage Aircraft 2 approx. 1.5km to your front.

You hear “Fox 2” in your left ear only, and you see Aircraft 1 release a missile which then destroys Aircraft 2, and assume Aircraft 1 is friendly on that basis.

You are incorrect. Aircraft 3 and 4 are 5km to your left and were the originators of that engagement. Aircraft 1 turns to you and conducts an attack.

There are 10 players on each side, with the quantity of signals being sent I think things would get confusing very quickly.

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You never have full safety, of course, and especially in merged situations it’s very difficult. But in many cases (talking Sim EC here), few missiles are fired at the same time, so I don’t think it would be too confusing. But immersive! ;-)

Sim EC I would say it would be perfect, but imagine it in an arcade furball. Could be optional.


In addition to this, a Braa call or Bullseye call “e.g. Radar contact BRAA 110 50 32000 hot” or an enemy position call after a Fox call "e.g. Fox3 110 50 32000 " would also be cool. Such a call would help to clarify the enemy situation as there is currently no datalink.


Thank you. :)
Added to the suggestion.


Suggestion passed to the developers for consideration.