User Skin deosn't work

Hey guys,

I downloaded a user skin for my F-16A MLU but it doesn’t work. After extraction in the User Skins folder, the files are scattered and not in a file of their own like my other downloaded skins.
I noticed that it doesn’t have a “aircraft_normal_detail_n”/“aircraft_normal_detail_lo_n” file either so that might have something to do with it ?
The skins is also for all the other F-16A models if that helps.

Thanks in advance !

could you link the skin you used/wanted?

your file looks like this?
just with the MLU instead?


Because for me it works, also the files which you said are missing are there

more or less, it just has the files for every F-16A models

Could you send a pic of it?

Just did the usual download then extract to User skins file

Also to clarify : The skin does appear in the in game skin list, but the actual plane doesn’t change appearance

you dont have to pull out every file, just take the downloaded file(ZIP) and extract in the MLU file

dunno if you have allready other custom ones in there, but maybe just delete the MLU and make it from the start

Just extracting the MLU files didn’t work. I do have other skins, you think I should delete them all and then download this one ?


and other skins work normal?

On a semi-related topic, do you know why some of my skins that are supposed to be very shiny are DULL af in game ?

Appart from shiny skins being dull they all work perfectly


perfect my Internet is dying… i just want to redownload the Skin… an hours… last time i took me 4 seconds…

did you allready tried it with the all files from the Skin?
or just with the MLU files?
or just redownload it?

Redownloaded at least three times, the skin doesn’t work on the Israeli Netz either