User Mission and Custom Skins!

How on earth do you add a model with a specific custom skin???
I’m trying to add a specific skin to a bot in CDK and cannot for the life of me work out how to do it based on the EXISTING stuff on WT Live etc (are the guides out of date???).

I’d settle for HOW to add a skin to an existing model in game!

I think the issue is LOD. The user skin.format is TGA.
So you only get one Resolution.

This seems to be why they want dds format for the ones that get into the game as regular camos.

I need a LOD file? (sorry I’m new to modding)
My user skins are in the *.*dds format

I assumed I’d be able to add a custom skin to an existing vehicle in game - even if I had to create a “new” model for that existing vehicle in game…