Use different models for shells of different time period and type

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Currently in the game, all of the shells of the same type use the same generic model. However, the time span and purposes of vehicles vary greatly, and the technology of shells has been iterated many times, so even the appearance of the same type of shells are very different, especially HE shells.

For example:

  1. This is a 15cm shell used by German navy.

    This is a 15cm shell of the s.I.G. 33 infantry gun.
    150mm I.Gr.38
    As you can see, both of them are 15cm HE shells used by Germany during WW2, but they look very different. The shells of SIG33 looks more like the rocket used by Strumtiger. It has round head except the fuze. The shells used by German navy are more aerodynamic. Because one of them was used for supporting infantry in short range, and the other was used for hitting enemy warships at long distance, but both of them use the same model in the game.

    The model of the ammo in X-ray is correct, but the model of the actual projectile is not correct.

  1. Many US torpedo boats has a MK2 mortar. MK2 use M43A1 mortar cartridge. Even though it has a HE war head, the cartridge itself does not look like a HE shell at all.

  1. Soviet 73mm 2A28 low pressure gun fires a fin-stabilized rocket assisted charge projectile,
    American M40 recoiless rifle fires a different looking projectile.

    But in the game they all look the same.

This is how a pre WW1 artillery shell look like. Some naval vessels use very old cannons.


And this is how a mordern 155mm artillery shell look like.

This is how cartridges of auto cannons and of grenade launchers in comparison. Notice that, even thought they could have similiar caliber, cartridges of auto cannons have pointier head, and cartridge of grenade launcher have round head.

Every missile has it’s own 3D model. Even if it is impossible to create separate models for each type of ammunition, those with significant differences should be distinguished.