US Ground Lineup Help (Rank 4+)

I’m ready to unlock rank 4 US ground with all but the M4 line complete and am looking for vehicle and lineup recommendations.

I’m mostly an air sim player, but play some ground to mix it up. I’m open to all ground play modes if particular vehicles or lineups work best or only in particular modes. I’m not especially good and tend to follow someone around like a lost puppy and hope to get a few hits in while causing a distraction or get a cap. Tactical advice for recommended vehicles is welcome as well.

My goal is to get to helicopters around 8.0. I have the AH-1G, YAH-64, almost the first Huey and the M901 and LOSAT.

I’m open to premiums, preferably rank 5+ that are on/likely to go on sale. And any to avoid as well. I play on PlayStation, so no marketplace access.

6.3 :
Jumbo Sherman with 76mm
M41 and/or Super hellcat*
A-1H* or AD4
F2G-1* or P-51H-5-NA or F6F-1B
T25 and T28* can also be fun if you have even more slots.

F2G-1* or P-51H-5-NA or F6F-1B
A-1H* or AD4

T34 or T29*

(*) = premium/event vic

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I have my own strong lineup that allows me to be a beast in CQC and long range combat.

My own lineup includes the M26, T26E5 and T26E1-1, T34, M50 or M56, and CAS, just in case.

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Thanks, can you comment on which are better for QCQ vs range or all purpose?

5.7: M4A3 (76), M36B2, M4A2 (76) or M18, M42, P-47M or P-47N, AM-1 or AD-2

6.3: M4A3(76), M4A3E2 (76), M41, M42, P-47M or P-47N or F2G-1, AM-1 or AD-4

6.7: T34, T26E5, M4A3E2 (76), M42, P-47M or P-47N or F2G-1, AM-1 or AD-4

5.7: Suits aggressive flanking and CQC. The M36 gives this line-up some degree of uptier resistance on long range maps. Can brawl in down-tiers.

6.3: Flanking is a must. Your armor is mostly useless.

6.7: You can finally brawl with your heavy tanks. You still need to play cautiously. You can substitute light tanks in for the Jumbo to give this line-up a bit more flanking capability, but other nations have better options at this tier.

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T26E1-1 is pretty good for range, and the T26E5 is good for CQC

Taking the M26 at 6.7?
No point in not taking the T26E5 instead.

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M26 is 6.7 so you can’t take it any lower, chaged in the last BR update.

And my point is that there’s no reason to take it instead of the T26E5 which has vastly better armor at the same BR

M26 over T26E5

  • M26 is 5 tons lighter
  • Has same cannon
  • Cheper to spawn

T26E5 over M26

  • Better survivability
  • Is classified as heavy

So I think there is pros and cons, both are good options.

I think you need to actually play the two vehicles before offering advice. The T26E5’s small mobility penalty is meaningless compared to having enough frontal armor to stop a long 88

If you are already taking the T34, having a medium tank costs less SP to spawn after than another heavy as well.