US Aircraft still using Mighty Mouse?

As the title says, how come modern US aircraft are still firing the 1940s Mk-4 FFAR mighty mouse rockets, when modern 2.75 inch Hydra 70s have been in service since Vietnam?


Hi! I can’t really explain why they are still using them other than there’s not really a alternative that the US military likes.

What I can say that’s true, is that this thread will be locked unless you move it to the proper section. This thread needs to be under machinery of war or game discussion. But the Dev server section is not where I should be

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The newly added AV-8B is still using FFAR Mighty mouse, despite the fact that the Hydra-70s exist and are far newer than the 1950s era air-to-air rocket the Mighty Mouse was intended to be. I was going to make a post specifically about that but I realized it wasn’t limited to just the AV-8B


Yeah I get what your saying. I just thought about this too, it could be that they were the only rockets fitted on those aircraft. It could also be that other rocket pods used are just not modeled yet is all. If you find documents that says they used different rockets for an aircraft in game, make a bug report about it.

Also again, I am gonna warn that if you don’t move this thread out of the Dev section it will be locked until you do.

Massive, MASSIVE stockpiles of them, they work, they are great, no reason to spend Taxpayer dollars on weapons that aren’t needed. But that’s not how the US MoD works; so, is possibly, but not highly likely.

idk I made a new thread already in machinery of war, compiling evidence now

Ahh okay. Well good luck with it! I’ll help if I find anything :)

Can you link it here btw?

Reminder that GB’s fixed wings are using CRV-7s, which came to be slightly after the Hydra 70 entered service, I see no reason as to why there is no way to select either FFARs or Hydra 70s as they should be present.

It just depends on if the aircraft used them IRL


Pretty much any aircraft that could mount the FFAR used Hydra 70s at some point as the Hydra 70 is just a motor swap, the same exact launchers can be used with minor adjustments, like the LAU-68s which were upgraded for the motor change.

There are launcher incompatibilities but anything after the 90s 100% has to be Mk-66 compatible because there weren’t any Mk40 rockets left

Yeah the bare tube XM series launchers for things like hueys cant fire them, but pretty much every standard LAU launcher by the end of nam was MK-66 compatible.


Here’s the new thready and some more evidence

Cheers, such a addition would help pretty much all NATO nations given how ubiquitous the 70s are.